Our tight-knit community is the core of our success. The Parsons Scholars Program takes pride in creating a supportive space that stems from a deep mutual respect across staff, students, faculty and mentors. This bond often lasts well beyond high school graduation, and the majority of our alumni stay involved as mentors-- sometimes returning as guest speakers and in a few cases as youth advocates and faculty. We all benefit from a space that recognizes the importance of our identities as people of color, people from low income backgrounds and first generation college students. We find strength in acknowledging the obstacles and the beauty associated with these identities.

Class of 2020 Team


  • Havanna Fisher
  • Youth Advocate

"What am I, chopped liver?"

  • Kevin Cadena
  • Youth Advocate

"Don't allow capitalism to define your goals. Be you!"

  • Kadeem Lamorell
  • Mentor

"Figure out the system and use it for your advantage. Be strategic."

  • Dirm Luawo
  • Mentor

"Don't give up"

  • Emily Xie
  • Mentor

Parsons Scholars Staff

  • Nadia Williams
  • Director
  • Francisco Donoso
  • Associate Manager
  • Estelle Maisonett
  • Program Administrator
  • Juliet Gomez
  • College Access Coordinator

Well Wishes


The Parsons Scholars Program centers people of color in the exploration of art and design within a college environment. The Parsons Scholars Program is a college access program for NYC public high school students who are passionate about pursuing higher education in art and design. Parsons Scholars dedicate their Saturdays and summers to studio coursework in the Pre-College Academy, earning college credits along the way, and workshops which expose them to a range of exciting art and design careers and opportunities.

Created by Havanna Fisher and Kevin Cadena

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