Ayesha Nasir

Artist, The High School of Language and Innovation, Bronx, NY

Ayesha Nasir is a young artist and designer who was born in Islamabad, Pakistan. After moving to the United States, she attended the High School of Language and Innovation in the Bronx. Over the last three years, she has developed an array of skills to grow her knowledge as an artist. She has explored many art techniques and learned about different artists and their career paths. She enjoys that people can express their feelings whether it’s positive or negative through art. One of her favorite types of art is street art. She thinks street art is an important and forward-thinking art form that inspires her to feel connected to people and informs the visual library of colors and shapes she uses in her work. In her free time, Ayesha plays lacrosse, watches action movies, and spends time with her family. All of these experiences have helped her grow as a creative and she would like to use her work to help others in need. Moving forward, Ayesha plans to pursue Fashion Design or Medicine.