Daniel Nelson

Interdisciplinary Artist, Millennium Brooklyn High School, Brooklyn, NY + Newark, NJ

Daniel Nelson is an African American mixed media artist based between Newark, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York. Daniel attended Millennium Brooklyn High School. His body of work includes graphic design, photography, acrylic and oil paintings. His work focuses on creating narratives around race relations, culture, and philosophical inquiries through distorting composition and color. Nelson’s passion for American history, literature, and music has had a major impact on how he views the world. He believes art is not created in a vacuum and there is an importance of context in everything he creates. He plans to continue working within the intersection of literature, music and visual art as he explores avenues to distill all three into one cohesive practice. His work has been exhibited within a Black Lives Matter Reclamation Gallery. Outside of creating, Nelson enjoys pushing his artistic sensibilities by taking in new music, films, arts, and fashion