Jose Bautista

Mixed Media Artist, Alfred E. Smith CTE High School, Bronx, NY

Jose Bautista is a Dominican-American artist & photographer who attended Alfred E. Smith High School. He was born and raised in the Bronx, and his work focuses on urban life and the importance of communities as cultural creators in New York City. He focuses on capturing people of color that inhabit low-income environments. He seeks to expand his artistic abilities by integrating his skills in photography with other mediums and software programs. Basketball inspires Jose which is depicted in the majority of his artwork. He is dedicated to the game and through this dedication, has applied the life lessons he learned from basketball to his daily life as a multimedia artist. Those lessons include not leading with entitlement, treating others with respect, and working as a team. His goal is to major in communication design or photography in college and develop a career in either or both of these fields.