Luyao Ou

Fashion Entrepreneur + Creative, High School of Language and Innovation, Bronx, NY

Luyao Ou is an aspiring entrepreneur who immigrated from China in 2016 and attended the High School of Language and Innovation in the Bronx, New York. She experiments with mediums such as fashion design, fashion styling, accessory design, and painting. Luyao often utilizes contrasting colors to express her bold ideas. As her curiosity pushes her to try new things, Luyao looks to connect the fashion and business worlds more seamlessly while also bringing her culture to the forefront. For example, last summer she made a skirt that mixed Chinese traditional dress and modern aesthetics as a way to honor and contribute to her heritage. Moving forward, a goal of Luyao’s is to promote Chinese streetwear brands to the world by collaborating with Chinese artists and designers in order to help globalize the culture.