Steven Clavijo

Mixed Media Artist, Brooklyn High School of the Arts, BK, NY

Junior Steven Clavijo is an artist and designer of Ecuadorian descent, born and raised in Brooklyn where he attended the Brooklyn High School of the Arts. The majority of his artwork revolves around shifting negative perspectives towards life in a positive direction. He uses a variety of mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, pen, and ink. He mainly draws inspiration from his surroundings and past experiences and incorporates the concept of transformation within his work. His long term goal is to become an architect who creates inspiring spaces that fuel individuals’ creativity through engagement.

His transition from fine arts to architecture has motivated him to take more extracurricular programs that continue to improve his art and design skills. For three years Steven participated in the Groundswell studio programs, the Cooper Hewitt Scholars Program, the DICE program at Pratt, Parsons Scholars, and was a studio teaching assistant at the Brooklyn Museum. He believes that ideas can hold emotional value and is influenced by an individual's environment as well as their interactions. These concepts influence the work he creates.