Zaniah Richardson

Mixed Media, KIPP NYC College Prep High School, Bronx, NY

Zaniah Richardson is a Caribbean-American artist born in Queens, New York. She attended KIPP NYC College Prep High School in the South Bronx. She was introduced to art in elementary school, but honed in on her skills through attending The Parsons Scholars Program in grade ten through twelve. Through this program she was able to discover and experiment with multiple mediums. This experimentation has allowed her to discover prevalent themes in her work. The key theme of Zaniah’s work is her own identity and expressing the multiplicity of her identity as a Black, Female, Queer, American, amongst many more. Her identity manifests through mediums such as graphite, mixed media, color pencil, and paint. In the future, she hopes to see her art reflect the ever-changing aspects of her identity. She hopes that viewers will be able to see a difference in her work and that her work has and will continue to grow.